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Hello, My name is Maha Ghazale, I am a trained and certified Play Therapist based in Beirut, Lebanon. I provide Play therapy to children who are struggling with their emotions and are experiencing a difficult time. Play therapy enables and empowers children to communicate and express feelings, modify behavior, and enhance their problem-solving skills. Parental support programs are also offered to help the family come together in ways that promote growth and healing. Click on services to learn more.

What is Play Therapy?

Play Therapy is a powerful tool for addressing cognitive, behavioural and emotional challenges. Trained and certified Play Therapists use play to assess and understand the child’s world. Therapists use play to help clients better understand their experiences and develop more effective strategies for managing their worlds. Studies suggest Play Therapy as a practical mental health approach, regardless of age, gender or nature of the Problem, and works best when a parent, caretaker or family member is actively involved in the treatment process.


(12 months – 23 months)


1-3 Years


3-5 years


5-12 years

Play Therapy Toolkit

In the play therapy room, the Play Therapists use a set of therapeutic play equipment for children to work with. The toolkit is the child’s way to communicate, express and understand their feelings and thought processes. Each toy has a purpose chosen to offer children many opportunities for self-expression and creativity – allowing them to explore and make sense of their world. Children need distance and protection from troublesome thoughts or feelings and use play scenarios and toys less consciously and symbolically (Axline, 1969).

The Play therapy toolkit includes the followings:






Therapeutic storytelling

Sand tray


Role play

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